The Asia Business Trade Association (ABTA) serves as the premier business association dedicated to the promotion of regional trade issues in cooperation with governments. The Association represents companies based in Asia to support improved cross-border trade and regulatory policies.  

The ABTA is a resource for both governments and business community, acting as an advocate, thought-leader and capacity building partner on key cross-cutting trade issues. 

ABTA brings together different sectors and firms of different sizes with governments to develop better trade and business environments for Asia.

ABTA has three broad pillars of work: Next Generation Trade, Trade Agreements (such as TPP11 or CPTPP and RCEP), and Encouraging Smaller Businesses.  Each pillar includes working committees designed and run by ABTA members.

The Association provides thought leadership on fast evolving issues of concern to companies, governments and regulators.  As an example, one key pillar of ABTA work examines Next Generation Trade topics for the purpose of providing important opportunities for industry and government to consider together the changing landscape of trade in Asia in areas like the digital economy, fintech or new manufacturing technologies. 

The Association helps firms connect to the latest policies and trends.  The network ofcompanies across Asia allows firms to leverage on one another, learn best practices and see the latest developments in business. This gives ABTA members an ability to enhance their performance and capabilities to deliver tangible results and compete more effectively in a dynamic and changing business environment.

In a fast-paced trade-connected world, it is crucial that business concerns and issues are communicated clearly and effectively addressed through a quick, transparent approach. Capacity building of our MSMEs on FTAs and cross-cutting trade issues are also important to enable MSMEs to tap on the global value chains and Asia’s growth. As the first association to champion that at the Asian level for the largest MNCs to the smallest SMEs, ABTA fills a critical role needed to address 21st century trade issues.
— Ho Meng Kit, Chairman ABTA Advisory Board


ABTA is the key business platform in Asia that brings together companies all across the region to work together with governments outside of a specific organization like ASEAN or APEC. Companies that are active in Asia have a variety of trade and regulatory issues that need to be discussed and addressed with multiple governments.

A platform to unite businesses

The ABTA unites firms from different sectors with common interests to work cooperatively to advance trade, to foster economic development and to power growth in the region.

Business input on trade-related policy in Asia is not always systemically collected by many governments.  This serves the needs of neither side particularly well.

ABTA serves as a hub for information and trade developments for both governments and business community as well as a bridge for knowledge transfer between the two parties.

A voice for trade for the business community

ABTA provides both businesses and governments improved thought-leadership on trade issues of direct and practical relevance and results in better policy outcomes. An improved trade and regulatory environment in the region will lead to improved bottom line business results.

Knowledge transfer and education

As the face and voice of trade for businesses in Asia, the ABTA works with government officials and regulatory bodies to represent business needs and translate issues into practical recommendations that also meets the needs of governments in the region.

ABTA equips members with the necessary knowledge of local and overseas trade and regulatory environments to take advantage of existing and future trade agreements and facilitate cross-border transactions.

The Association works closely with partners in existing business chambers and other organizations to leverage our impact and ensure that ABTA’s regional messages are effectively communicated in domestic markets across the region. 

Management and Governance of the ABTA

The Asia Business Trade Association is managed and run by an Executive Committee headed by the President and administered by the Secretary-General. The Executive Committee executes its responsibilities in close consultation with the Advisory Board which is Chaired by the Chairman of the ABTA and its Executive Chair and Committee Members who are business luminaries and experts in the area or trade and government relations. 

The Asian Trade Centre serves as the Secretariat for ABTA.